Dear Parents and Guardians,

I wish you are safe at home and everything is going well in your families.

The Government has announced that schools will not reopen before the Friday 5th June. Thus the normal activity of Holy Cross Academy is suspended. We don’t know when the school will open again.

At the same time the government continues teaching the syllabus through Radio and TV stations and wants to maintain the exams.

The Management of Holy Cross Academy has made the decision to continue teaching our children. Maybe the schools will stay closed for many months. We cannot let our pupils idle at home without learning.

I want to inform you that the teachers of Holy Cross Academy will continue teaching the syllabus online from next Monday 4th May. School is going on, online.

We have bought a laptop for each teacher, we have trained them to online Teaching Technics since two weeks. We have offered also two weeks of free Online Tuition to get a good online teaching experience. Everybody had to learn these new technologies, it has not been easy also for the parents to connect to the different platforms but we have done it together! We are now teaching efficiently, every day, a good number of children (124 pupils have registered already) and we are presently very confident in our ability to continue the school online.

I would like all of you, from PP1 to Class 8 to register as soon as possible for this online teaching starting Monday 4th May 2020! Click here to register if you have not done it!

How is this Online Teaching working?

We are using two platforms, Holy Cross Tuition Center and Google Classroom.

  • We have created a new platform of e-learning:
  • On this platform each parent and each pupil has is own login.
    • The parents can see the timetable of all their children, the homework to be done and even the marks of the children.
    • The pupils can access to his timetable, to the content of the lesson explained by the teacher, can get a link to some material, videos, tests and assignments.
  • The week is organised with 3 lessons of one hour per day. 15 hours of teaching per week.

How is Google Classroom working?

  • Google Classroom is a virtual class where a teacher can give his lessons, test, assess and mark the pupils.
  • Google Classroom is linked with Google Meet, where the teacher can have a video with all the pupils and teach them directly through internet.

What do I need to participate to this Online Teaching?

What if I cannot connect all these apps? Can I participate only receiving material through WattsApp?

  • Yes! The teacher will send you every day a link to his lesson of the day on the WhattsApp group of your class. This link will open on the platform of the school and the child will be able to access the written content of the lesson.

Who can register?

  • Any child from PP1 to Class 8

  • Even a child who is not schooling at Holy Cross Academy can register

Do I have to pay something?

  • Yes! we ask you to pay kes 500 per week and per child (for a child who is not a student of Holy Cross Academy we ask Kes 1000 per week). We understand the situation is difficult for everybody and we cannot charge you the full school fees. However the teachers will still work for your children and we have to support them! After payment made by Mpesa you will be able to login to the Tuition center and Google Classroom.

How to pay?

  1. Use Mpesa – Paybill of Holy Cross Academy 537695
  2. Enter the amount (500 per week)
  3. For the account name indicate the full name of the child.
  4. Pay before the beginning of the week. The Bursar will enable you to login after payment.

Can I get a discount?

  • Yes! if you bring to the Tuition Center a child who is not yet schooling at Holy Cross Academy you will get a free week of school. For every child who will register through your advertisement you will get a free week of online school.

How to connect to these platforms?

  1. Step 1: Click here to register if you have not done it!
  2. Download Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Doc (for a phone or tablet) or open Google Classroom on the internet browser (google Chrome) of your laptop.
  3. Ask your teacher or Fr. Peter (0790494350) the school Google email address of your child.
  4. The Google password is Student/HCA2020
  5. Connect to Google Classroom
  6. Login with the email address of your child (the address must be yourchildname
  7. Insert the password Student/HCA2020
  8. Go the the Online Tuition Center Platform:
  9. Click the button  “Sign in with Google”
  10. Select the account of
  11. Accept the conditions
  12. You are in!

If you have a problem contact Fr. peter or the Headteacher. You can also pass by the school with your device to get assistance.

Please register as soon as possible in order to be able to start the lessons Monday morning!

I keep all of you in my prayers and ask for your families and children the protection and the blessing of the Almighty God.

Father Peter
Holy Cross Academy